Upcoming Events

February 20th, 6:30pm, Meet & Greet with Andrew, Bethesda, MD 

February 22nd, 7pm, Meet & Greet with Andrew, Poolesville, MD 

March 14th, 7pm District 1 Candidates Forum, Chevy Chase, MD

March 25th, 2pm, Meet & Greet with Andrew, Chevy Chase, MD 

March 27th, 5pm, Meet & Greet with Andrew, Bethesda, MD 

March 29th, 6pm, Young Leaders Meet & Greet, Silver Spring, MD 

April 5th, 7pm, Reception for Andrew, Bethesda, MD 

April 12th, 7pm, District 1 Candidates Forum, North Bethesda, MD

April 16th, 7pm, Meet & Greet with Andrew, Bethesda, MD 

May 12th, 4pm, Meet & Greet with Andrew, Potomac, MD 


Please contact Johanna@andrewfriedson.com for more details.