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Montgomery County has always been home.
It’s the village that raised me.

From the time my siblings and I went to Wayside, and even when my mom went to Rollingwood, and my dad went to Radnor, there were certain givens in Montgomery County: we had great schools and parks, wonderful communities, and quality services in the backyard of the federal government. Families inevitably wanted to move here, businesses wanted to locate here, and retirees wanted to stay here.

Why I'm running

While the world around us has changed, we’ve been slow to adapt. Wages aren’t keeping up with our high living and childcare costs, and our families are struggling to keep pace. With a new county executive and at least four new council members, we have a generational opportunity to change the way we think about our problems, and how we choose to solve them. We need modern solutions to modern challenges.

A new time that calls for a new approach: Energizing, Sustaining and Modernizing Montgomery County.

It’s about energizing the County with an economic development strategy focused on creating private-sector jobs, transforming our world-class research into high-wage jobs, and embracing disruptive industries that are revolutionizing our economy, so they’re erupting with new jobs here in Montgomery County. We need to target our public investments and utilize our unparalleled assets to encourage families and businesses to invest in Montgomery County.

It’s about sustaining the County by making sure that our communities aren’t only livable, they’re actually affordable. That means addressing the “Montgomery County Squeeze” facing too many of our residents – where high wage jobs aren’t keeping pace with our rapidly escalating living costs. A sustainable community requires affordable housing and accessible childcare, modern transportation infrastructure that’s both safe and reliable, and enhanced public green spaces. Improving quality of life also means smarter growth strategies that reduce traffic congestion and addresses school overcrowding.

Why I'm running

To truly be a world-class county, we need a world-class county government. That means modernizing county services so they deliver what our residents expect and deserve. When a County resident interacts with their local government, we should be making their day, not ruining it.

Progressive values are important, but it’s progressive results that actually improve people’s lives. I’ve dedicated my professional life to solving problems, to improving the way government works for people, and to supporting local 
small businesses.

Whether it’s scrutinizing billions of dollars in government contracts or reorganizing billion dollar state agencies, providing loans to small business struggling to start up or stay afloat in tough times, helping families save for college or addressing the challenges facing our county’s at-risk youth, I know how to make the public sector actually work for the public.

We need to change the way we think about our challenges, and people capable of rolling up their sleeves to actually solve them. It isn’t good enough to have world-class assets, or noble intentions, or unlimited potential. We have to utilize them in a way that attracts families and businesses, and improves people’s lives.

Why I'm Running

That’s the Montgomery County I was raised to believe in. And together, it’s the Montgomery County we can rebuild together. At this crucial time, in this critical election, I’m ready to take the skills and experiences I’ve developed to serve the county we love, and to solve the challenges we face.

Our Community. Our Campaign. Our Future.

Please join me on this journey.

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Public service has never been a career choice for Andrew. It’s always been his calling.

From helping his PTA president mom set up the Wayside senior volunteer reading program, to joining her to vote in each election at the Potomac Community Center, he learned the values of volunteerism and the virtues of democracy growing up right here in District One. A lifelong Montgomery County resident, he attended Wayside, Hoover and Churchill, where he always stood up for those around him, advocating for safer elementary school bus routes and lobbying the Montgomery County School Board for adequate representation for his middle school classmates.

Meet Andrew

As a Senior Policy Advisor, Deputy Chief of Staff and a Division Director for the Comptroller of Maryland, Andrew spent the past six years focused on making state government more effective, efficient and accessible. Whether it was holding public agencies accountable or scrutinizing billions in government contracts, securing a dignified retirement for teachers and public servants, or improving customer service, Andrew has made state and local government work better for the people it serves. From helping tens of thousands of Maryland families save for college, pushing for a new statewide savings program to help Marylanders with disabilities achieve better life experiences, or providing direct financing to small businesses struggling to start up or stay afloat in tough times, Andrew knows how to bring the public and private sectors together to improve people’s lives.

Andrew has both pushed for positive change, and been the one to bring people together to implement it. He has fought at the state and federal level to keep college costs down and alleviate the crushing burden of student loan debt, engaged more young people in the political and policy-making process, and helped improve public services to support the most vulnerable in our community. In 2015, Andrew was also tapped by State Treasurer Nancy Kopp and the Maryland 529 Board of Trustees to oversee a complete reorganization of the College Savings Plans of Maryland, a $6+ Billion state agency. 

Meet Andrew

Andrew graduated from University of Maryland, where he advocated for student voting rights, affordable housing and sustainable development, and fought against predatory financial marketers. Elected to serve as student body president, he also put his environmental activism to action, hosting the largest-ever global conference to address climate change at the time, pushing through an effort to purchase clean energy for the first time in the university’s history, and lobbying the state Board of Regents for a sustainability policy at Maryland’s public universities.

Meet Andrew

Then and now, professionally and personally, Andrew seizes every opportunity to give back to the community. He currently lives in Bethesda and serves as Chair of the Montgomery County Collaboration Council for Children, Youth and Families to serve the county’s at-risk and disconnected youth, and as a Steering Committee member of Maryland Matters, a non-profit news venture focused on state and local issues. In 2009, he established the Edward and Janet Friedson Memorial Veterans Endowed Scholarship to help veterans afford college. Andrew remains actively involved in the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington, and has also served on several non-profit boards including: the University of Maryland College Park Foundation’s Board of Trustees and Alumni Association’s Board of Governors, the Maryland Small Business Development Financing Authority (MSBDFA), the Hillel Maryland Board, as a Founding Board Member of the National Campus Leadership Council, and on the advisory board of the national young voter advocacy organization,

When he isn’t working, volunteering, or attending community events, Andrew is probably enjoying being “Uncle Drew” to his seven nieces and nephews – all future District 1 voters!