Andrew is honored and humbled to have the enthusiastic endorsements of some of our community's leading public figures, but the endorsement he wants most is yours. Hear why so many are joining our growing, grassroots coalition on Team Friedson, and please take a moment to add your voice today.


The Washington Post

District 1 (Bethesda/Potomac/Poolesville): The best candidate in a strong field is Andrew Friedson. A longtime senior official in the state comptroller’s office, Mr. Friedson has a wealth of experience in combing through major agency and program budgets, and financing small business and higher education.

Baltimore-Washington Laborers' Council

On behalf of its 7,000 members, the Baltimore Washington Laborers’ District Council enthusiastically endorses Andrew Friedson for Montgomery County District 1 Councilmember. With his strong professional background serving in the Comptroller’s Office and longstanding commitment to public service, Andrew Friedson uniquely suited to serve as the next Montgomery County District 1 Councilmember. 

Comptroller Peter Franchot

“Andrew Friedson represents the very best of people who've ever worked for me. Beyond his obvious talents, he has a real passion for public service and he knows how to bring people together to actually make government work for the people we serve. Andrew will be a tremendous leader who will speak out against the type of bigotry we're seeing at the national level and will help to inspire new people to engage in the political process. That's why I'm supporting Andrew Friedson for County Council, and why I plan to do everything I possibly can to help get him elected."

Senator Brian Feldman

"Andrew Friedson has campaigned for me, he's worked for me, and I've seen how effectively, passionately, and personally he handles constituent issues. I've witnessed his leadership first-hand, as colleagues, as well. When I sponsored the Maryland ABLE Act, one of the most significant pieces of legislation we've passed in Annapolis over the last 25 years, Andrew played a major role in getting that landmark legislation passed, and he's been a driving force in launching the program to help Marylanders with disabilities live more financially secure, independent lives. We need Andrew Friedson in Rockville -- to represent us in District 1, and to partner with us in Annapolis."

Del. Ariana Kelly

Delegate Ariana Kelly

"With Andrew Friedson's fiscal and economic policy background, experience supporting small businesses, and efforts to provide opportunities for children, youth, and families, he is exactly the type of effective progressive leader we need to help us balance our community's significant social and economic challenges. That's why I'm proud to enthusiastically endorse his campaign, excited to vote for him to represent us on the County Council in District 1, and eager to partner with him to empower women, strengthen family economic security, and lift up the vulnerable at the state and county level."

Senator Craig Zucker

 “We need effective leaders in Rockville who not only have progressive values but who know how to get progressive results. Andrew Friedson is that leader, and we need to do everything we can to elect him to the Montgomery County Council. There are a lot of candidates running in District 1, but Andrew Friedson isn't running against them, he's running for you -- and I'm proud and excited to fully support him."

Former Montgomery County Executive Doug Duncan

“Andrew Friedson is a change-maker and a problem solver, a homegrown leader who knows how to bring together the public and private sectors to actually get things done. When our community’s growing needs continue to exceed our revenues, and as Montgomery County families are being squeezed with rising living and childcare costs and stagnant wages, we need someone with Andrew’s experience effectively holding government agencies accountable, scrutinizing public spending, and helping grow small business jobs. In rapidly changing times, we need new leaders, with new perspectives, and new ideas on the County Council. Andrew Friedson is that forward-focused leader with a proven track record, and I am thrilled to endorse him for Montgomery County Council in District 1.”

Former Congressman Tom McMillen

"I got to know Andrew Friedson when he was the Student Body President at the University of Maryland and I was on the Board of Regents. I saw first-hand Andrew's uniquely effective leadership -- fighting to keep college costs down, pushing the campus to the forefront of environmental sustainability, and championing solutions to an affordable housing crisis. We need new, effective leaders with the ability to bring people together to solve today's challenges and the vision to lead us into the future. Andrew Friedson is the effective, visionary leader we need at this critical time, and I'm thrilled to endorse him for Montgomery County Council in District 1."

Montgomery County Register of Wills Joseph Griffin

“I worked closely with Andrew when he served as Deputy Chief of Staff for the Comptroller and was responsible for overseeing the salary-setting and personnel authority for Maryland's 24 elected Registers of Wills. Both as Montgomery County's Register of Wills and as Chair of our statewide association, I have seen firsthand how knowledgeable, hardworking, and effective Andrew is in his commitment to our state, our county, and our community. Like Andrew, I have lived in Montgomery County my entire life, and now that I am raising my children here, I want the very best representation for our County. Andrew Friedson has my full support for County Council in District 1 because I know how much our county will benefit from his forward-focused and results-oriented leadership.”

Poolesville Commissioner Valaree Dickerson


"Andrew Friedson has the vision and values we need to ensure that our community has a voice on the County Council. With his background in public finance and proven ability to bring people together to get big things done, I know Andrew will be a strong advocate for our community, and especially for Poolesville. That's why he has my strong support, and my vote!" 

Former Maryland Democratic Party Chair Susan Turnbull

"When I was Chair of the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, I had one chair's appointment to our national board to help our social justice agenda. Of anyone in the country, I chose Andrew Friedson. He has the best ideas, the best critical thinking, and a unique combination of skills to make things happen for us. He's already made a difference for our family and for countless other families. That's why Andrew Friedson has my vote, and my enthusiastic support to represent District 1 on the Montgomery County Council."

Eric Bernard, Executive Director, Montgomery County Volunteer Fire Rescue Association

“As a lifelong Montgomery County resident and dedicated public servant, Andrew Friedson has been an ardent advocate for public safety and a steadfast supporter of the Volunteer Fire Service statewide and in the county over the years. We would be fortunate to have his vision, values and homegrown leadership to represent us on the Montgomery County Council in District 1, and I’m proud to strongly support him.”

Democratic Central Committee Member Michael Gruenberg


"Andrew Friedson will bring the new ideas, new energy, and new leadership we need in Montgomery County to lead us in these challenging times. With his experience scrutinizing billions in government contracts, reorganizing a multi-billion dollar public agency, and providing programming to at-risk and disconnected youth, Andrew is uniquely positioned to solve the fiscal and economic challenges we face without sacrificing our high quality of life, high level of public services, or core progressive values. I'm proud to support him for County Council in District 1."

Rosalyn Levy Jonas

Former National NARAL Pro-Choice America Board Chair Rosalyn Levy Jonas

​“These are new times with new challenges, and they require new leaders who not only have the right progressive values, but who have what it takes to bring people together to actually get things done. Andrew has dedicated his personal and professional life to providing programming for at-risk kids as Chair of the Collaboration Council, running Maryland's 529 program which helps hundreds of thousands of families save for college, and playing a central role launching a new statewide program to help Marylanders with disabilities live with independence, dignity, and financial security. Those are the values and record of results we need to represent our community on the County Council, and that's why Andrew Friedson has my enthusiastic support and my vote as a proud resident of District 1.”

Former Commissioner Charles Kaufman, Montgomery County Commission on Aging

"Andrew has the experience and an incisive mastery of complex budgets, fiscal and economic policy. He knows where to save and where to spend. He knows government and recognizes the symbiotic relationship of the State, County and Capital Region. He knows our residents, our diversity, District 1 and Montgomery County, intimately and deeply with all its strength and weakness. Andrew has vision and will exploit the energy and potential of the County. He strongly supports economic growth, affordable housing, transportation, small businesses, and safety nets for seniors, children and families.  I enthusiastically endorse him. He is truly the Age Friendly candidate and I urge all voters, young and old, to elect Andrew Friedson for Montgomery County Council in District 1!"