Public service has never been a career choice for Andrew. It’s always been his calling.

As senior policy advisor, deputy chief of staff, and division director for the Comptroller of Maryland, Andrew scrutinized public agencies and reviewed billions in government contracts to ensure transparency and accountability, helped teachers and public servants secure a dignified retirement, and reorganized and restructured Maryland's $6 Billion 529 College Savings program to get a better return for hundreds of thousands of families saving for their children's education. Whether he’s pushing for a new statewide savings program to help Marylanders with disabilities achieve financial security, supplying direct financing to aid Maryland small businesses, providing programming to support Montgomery County’s at-risk youth, Andrew has a proven track record of improving the way government works, and bringing people together to get big things done.

Andrew graduated from University of Maryland, where he advocated for student voting rights, affordable housing and sustainable development, and fought against predatory financial marketers. Named the University’s most outstanding male graduate after being elected to serve as student body president, he put his environmental activism to action, hosting the largest-ever global conference to address climate change at the time, pushing through an effort to purchase clean energy for the first time in the university’s history, and lobbying the state Board of Regents for the first sustainability policy at Maryland’s public universities.

A lifelong District 1 resident, Andrew attended Wayside, Hoover and Churchill public schools where his leadership and activism started at a young age, advocating for safer elementary school bus routes and lobbying the Montgomery County School Board for adequate representation for his middle school classmates. His lifelong pursuit of positive change led him to fight to keep college costs down and alleviate the crushing burden of student loan debt, engage more young people in the political and policy-making process, and help improve public services to support the most vulnerable in our community.

Then and now, professionally and personally, Andrew seizes every opportunity to give back to the community. He currently lives in Bethesda and serves as Chair of the Montgomery County Collaboration Council for Children, Youth and Families to serve the county’s at-risk youth, and as a Steering Committee member of Maryland Matters, a non-profit news venture focused on state and local issues. In 2009, he established the Edward and Janet Friedson Memorial Veterans Scholarship to help returning heroes afford college. Andrew remains actively involved in the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington, and has also served on several non-profit boards including: the University of Maryland College Park Foundation’s Board of Trustees and Alumni Association’s Board of Governors, the Hillel Maryland Board, as a Founding Board Member of the National Campus Leadership Council, and on the advisory board of the national young voter advocacy organization,

When he isn’t working, volunteering, or attending community events, Andrew is probably being “Uncle Drew” to his eight nieces and nephews – all future District 1 voters!

Montgomery County is the only place I’ve ever called home.

Ever since my siblings and I grew up here, when my parents grew up here, it’s been a wonderful and welcoming community grounded in core progressive values: with great schools and parks, livable communities, and quality services, a special place which has trained, retained, and attracted some of the world’s top talent. But our view of Montgomery County as the location where families would always want to move, businesses would always want to locate, and retirees would inevitably want to stay isn’t the sure bet it once was, especially amid stagnant wages and escalating living and childcare costs, increased competition from our regional counterparts, and an over-reliance on a federal government that no longer produces sufficient jobs with high enough wages to maintain our quality of life.

I’m running for County Council to

“Ease the Montgomery County Squeeze.”

We’ve all felt the Montgomery County Squeeze. It’s the Squeeze on families facing higher living and childcare costs despite stagnant wages, on commuters stuck in the second worst traffic congestion in the country, and on parents whose kids are squeezed in overcrowded schools. It’s the Squeeze on young workers and new families who can no longer afford to live here, and on seniors struggling to maintain a quality home and a dignified livelihood without the support they need to get by. It’s the Squeeze on our county budget created by an aging workforce and a shrinking private sector that is placing too heavy a burden on too few to keep up with the high quality of life and level of services we rightfully expect, along with our growing community needs.

We can’t afford to ignore the change that’s happening all around us because it’s putting the Squeeze on all of us – threatening not only our quality of life, but our ability to protect and invest in the values that have always made Montgomery County special. We have to embrace change with forward-focused leadership dedicated to finding modern solutions to our modern challenges.

This is a new time that calls for a new approach: Energizing, Sustaining, and Modernizing Montgomery County.

Energizing Montgomery County by creating better jobs with better wages and by utilizing our unparalleled assets to encourage families and businesses to invest their talent and treasure here.

Sustaining Montgomery County by making sure that our communities aren’t only livable, they’re actually affordable, and they balance the needs of our families, our environment, and our future.

Modernizing Montgomery County so local services actually work when residents and small businesses truly need them – a world-class county government for a world-class community.

Progressive values are important, but it’s progressive results that actually enhance people’s lives.

I’ve dedicated my professional life to solving complex financial problems, improving how government works for the people it serves, and supporting small businesses. With your help, I want to bring that same approach to serve the county I love, and solve the challenges we face.

At this crucial time, in this critical election, we need new ideas and new leadership to change the way we think about our challenges, and leaders with a proven track record of rolling up their sleeves to actually solve them.

It isn’t good enough to have world-class assets, or noble intentions, or unlimited potential. We have to utilize them in a way that attracts families and businesses, and improves people’s lives.

That’s the Montgomery County I was raised to I believe in, and it’s the Montgomery County we can rebuild together.

This is our campaign, about our community, for our future. Please join us.